Is this browser any good?

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    Has anyone tried this browser?

    Fast, tabbed browser with full page mode, popup blocker, custom skins. No spyware is the claim. Looks good.

    What's your experience?
  2. It's an excellent browser but I've been having some nasty video card issues lately with builds 207 and 210. I have an older Voodoo 3000 so that may be the problem.

    Great browser otherwise with a super popup and flash animation filter.

    There's another good one that's also tabbed and has popup control.

    The best part of these 2 browsers is that they use the IE engine so webpages are rendered like they are in IE itself.
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    Always remember.....if something is is worth what you paid which is nothing.......
    All these add on browsers conflict with trading platforms. So if you are going to play around with stuff.....use a second computer for browsing and chat and all that. Your trading computer needs to be pristine.
  4. What conflicts have you encountered with this browser bobcathy? I like the interface and functionalities but I too am reticent about software from unknown sources.
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    Not specifically with this browser.....I forget the name of the other one. Well, my computer crashed and I had to reformat the entire thing. Bummer. :(
  6. Netcaptor is another tabbed IE-based browser with built-in pop-up controls (

    Seems to be the most stable of the bunch
  7. I hear rumors this broswer contains SPYWARE! Attempts connections to programmers homepage. I'm staying away from this one for now. :-/
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