Is this book worth reading ?

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  1. How I Made $2,000,000 in the stock market - Nicolas Darvas

    Thank you :)
  2. Lesson 2: Read the book reviews (from the main page).
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    Q: How to make a million in the stock market?
    A: Start with 2 million!
  4. no
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    Breakouts on growth stocks. Now you don't have to read it.
  6. It is a great story. More of a recreational read. I did take away a few things from it though, so yeah I would say go for it.

    Go to the library and test it out. -
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    Yes, absolutely. Two major lessons I learnt are:

    1. People talk a lot about letting the winners run and cutting losses short. He showed how he did it.

    2. Price tells all the story, there is no need for news.

    It is a quick read and I think it is worth reading at least once.
  8. I agree. Good book. Great foundation. Easy and enjoyable read. Shows that "anyone" can do it as long as they use their balls AND brain (common sense wise).

    I picked it up one day when I was bored and found it worth my while.

    I think you will too.
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    one of the 3 books i think are essential for people to start out reading is darvas'. the others are reminiscences and o'neil's how to make money in stocks.

    a must-read. and easy to read as well.
  10. Thanx for replying everyone.

    I think 'The Secret of Selecting Stocks for Immediate & Substantial Gains - Larry Williams' is also a must read.

    I feel it should be the 1st book any beginner should pick.
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