Is this a true Aussie?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by ScottD, Dec 5, 2008.

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    i am sure that he is not an aussie his accent sounds too much like a put on and the way he says aussie is a give away
  3. Mr J

    Mr J

    No. His accent is all over the place, and he sometimes gets it simply through chance. He sounds no more Australian than he sounds English or American.
  4. Hell no.......he's not one of us and he's not even a pom. He's got seppo plastered all over his forehead. He's havin' a go though, I'll give him that.....wanker.
  5. THe Guy is a Yank, trying to impersonate an Aussie and it comes off as a British Yank blend with the occasional Aussie tone. I watched less than 1 minute of this crap.
  6. I said, seppo.
  7. First 10 seconds gave him away....a septic
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    Derogertory word used by the English and Australians for all American nationals. Derived from Rhyming slang (Septic Tank = Yank)
    Will those stupid seppos ever shut up bragging about how much lemonade they can drink?

    septic tank, rhyming slang for yank, an american, would of been a good place if it wasn't full of seppo wankers.

    Slang for Americans - as septic tank rhymes with yank, but Americans are also full of shit like septic tanks
    This seppo would not shut up about NFL last week

    hehehehe, taken from internet on google search
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    naahhh, he is not Aussie.. 13 out of 14 trades correct (see his profile) is too good for us... :p