Is this a selling gift S&P?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade-ya1, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. I just sold 1131.00 and 1130.00. Not sure if it's a gift or I'm an idiot. Time will tell.
  2. pspr


    Time --- The great delineator between tading genius and trading fool.
  3. Aaron


    So far, so good! When are you going to cover?
  4. I'll have to watch the day develop. I was already short going into today. At this point, I expect a 20 point down move in the S&P today. Obviously, my numbers get revised as time moves on. I'll be out of a portion of it before days end. Weather I make 20+ points or 1 point, market price action will dictate. I still believe that the market is being held up artificially by smart money looking to distribute.
  5. CalTrader

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    So far a pretty brutal day to be on the short side of any of the indexes ......
  6. I just sold another chunk at 1136.00. If my thesis is correct, we shouldn't go much higher. If so, I'll be cutting losses. Time is more important than price to me at this moment.
  7. I shorted some stocks, too, and I was a bit uneasy given the obvious and the market allowed me to with higher open. I am paying the price now for not waiting for my signals. Beware of the obvious is what I learned today.
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    Do you know what the hell you are doing?
  9. I agree with Maverick. I never average down on losers.
  10. didnt you see the down tlines broken at 1131, this was major buy signal
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