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    I ran across this unusual finance company who borrows the name from the IMF. DO they mean they will loan me money to start a fund? Obviously this is a scam, but can someone explain it to me, thanks!
  2. You fill out an application with them, then they send you a letter saying you are qualified for a huge loan, but you need to pay a "success fee" before they give you the money. Then they take off and you never hear from them again.
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    Thanks Peli. It's unreal they can use the name IMF, operate from USA and actually stay in business in broad daylight with such a scam. They will put 100 million in your account to prove networth--- what a bizzare and twisted idea.
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    Huh? Trademarks are more than exact spellings. Anything that could cause confusion can be in violation of a trademark regardless of spelling. For example. Try launching a soft drink named koka kola. Get the picture?

    Anyone try these funding programs?
  6. I wish I had found this post earlier. I applied with the "imf" and they sent me an e-mail called "cd." Basically what they do is approve you for a project for example purchasing real estate, and I requested an amount of 1,800,000.00. They then fedex you a contract with the approval, and some attorney documents that they select from the bar association. The documents are notarized, and they ask you to return an escrow payment to them of .49% of 1,800,000.00 to get a "commitment" for them to purchase the certificates of deposit. In my case it was $8820.00 and I told them I could not afford to send the full escrow payment and they decided to accept 40% which was $3528.00. After I sent the payment to them, they then e-mailed me a "commitment" to another 3rd party called World Bankers. They make you go talk to your bank, and tell them that you have an investor that will purchase cd's in the amount of your loan, making you think you have a secured collateral to get approved for a loan. Little did I know is that they have this company called World Bankers that says they will purchase the CD's in your bank only AFTER you are approved for a loan and in addition to the money sent to escrow you have to pay world bankers $63,000.00 to get them to purchase the cd's in your bank. If your bank has the funds to lend to you, then there really is no need to have them purchase certificates of deposit in your bank. They make you believe that they will purchase the CD's first, you go to your bank and they approve you for a loan. They completely flip the script on you at the last second. I have contacted them in regards to getting my escrow refunded and they were unresponsive to my e-mails and phone calls. When they did respond, they came with some bullshit excuse that I already paid $3528.00 and they contacted their accounting department to issue a refund but I have to keep in mind that they will lose money too. That is complete bullshit, and I have fighting back and forth with them. I reported them to the better business bureau, the FBI and every other law enforcement agency. I am trying my best to get my money back so let's wait and see.
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    Christ, you people are fucking stupid.

    What happened to this forum?
  8. Yeah it was pretty fucking stupid now. At a time when you're desperate to come up with some financing to make money people always coming with some bullshit. The IMF seemed legitimate enough to want to give you a chance at a concept that could actually work, money for rent, but if they weren't such fucking thieves, they would stand a chance to make even more money. Right now, I don't know if i'm going to get my money back, from what they made it sound its like they want money for doing nothing. I reported it to the better business bureau, so lets see if I manage to get some help.
  9. This is where they flip the script on you.
  10. With all the information I have provided, I hope I have saved some people from this company What they don't tell you in spite of all this information is that you need to:

    1.) Get APPROVED for a loan FIRST from your bank as if you were applying for a mortgage on a property with your bank and they require you to put a down payment and run a credit check etc.

    2.) Once you are approved for a mortgage, and that's usually an IF nowadays. You then have to send $63,000.00 cash to World Bankers (the individual investor). What they do is they put a 2nd lien on your property (second mortgage rather) then they purchase the CD's in your bank in your name.

    3.) Basically, there is no need for the CD's if you can already get a loan from your bank. Unless you have lots of money to play with and decide to take out a few million in CD's then foreclose on the property that would work. However, sending $63,000.00 cash to World Bankers can lead to another scam where they decide they're not going to purchase any damn CD's.

    4.) Any which way you look at it they are all scamming one after the next and they waste your time, effort and money. They basically have you running around like a fool, talking to your bank and talking to real estate agents, and then they do nothing for you.

    Right now they are refusing everything in their power to give me my money back and had the nerve to send me this about defamation and extortion e-mail:

    Mr. Balgobind , we do not take kindly to threats or defamation, and or,
    extortion (see below) of any kind. You can and will be held legally
    responsible for any and all of your actions. Please govern yourself
    accordingly. As previously stated, we have performed every part of our
    transaction with you according to the law. Show everything to a competent
    attorney for his advise, which it s very evident that you have NOT, before
    taking any further unfounded and illegal actions. Axel Cordero IMF legal

    "Extortion, is a criminal offense which occurs when a person unlawfully
    obtains, or attempts to obtain, either money, property or services from a
    person(s), entity, or institution, through coercion. The actual obtainment
    of money or property is not required to commit the offense.

    In the United States, extortion may also be committed as a federal crime
    across a computer system, phone, by mail or in using any instrument of
    "interstate commerce". Extortion requires that the individual sent the
    message "willingly" and "knowingly" as elements of the crime. The message
    only has to be sent (but does not have to reach the intended recipient) to
    commit the crime of extortion."
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