Is this a scam or a mistake?

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    On Ebay today I ordered a computer for $17, but it should have been $700 at least. I checked the listing 3 times but it does say working computer, and I am a curious cat so I went ahead and ordered it, assuming they might have made a mistake. And no, the shipping is not $500, but free.

    There was a similar 17" HP laptop for $12 but the seller was from the UK, and I didn't want an international hassle. At most I might be out of a few bucks, or they send me a laptop with some CC stealing bug on it. But as I said, I want to know, and I like surprises, so I ordered it...

    Here is another one, this gaming laptop should be at least $800:

    I just can't figure out how the scam works, since Ebay usually sides with the buyer...
  2. I was recently shopping for, and purchased, a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop on eBay...just a couple days's scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
    I always wanted a ThinkPad laptop -- the classic laptop that's featured in alot of 90's movies...and the only one certified for Space.

    While shopping for various laptop models...I also noticed that under $20 laptop seller from overseas countries.
    I don't know what's up...but it's bogus -- it has to be...unless it's some very generous angel rare person who's in the mood to help people -- but I highly doubt that o_O :confused:
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  3. lindq


    You just fell for the Meg Whitman scam. HP>EBAY>YOU
  4. Pekelo


    Is this a joke that HP trying to sell via Ebay? Or care to explain it? Anyway, my seller is in San Francisco, USA not overseas...

    I don't expect to get a working laptop, but I figured I waste a little money to be entertained. It is possible that big sellers sometimes missprice items, but then they wouldn't ship it but cancel the trade, I assume so no money lost.

    If I get Toy Yoda, I will be happy...
  5. Handle123


    Or some poor smuck that owns a laptop fix it shop and old lady found his stash of BJ pics of him and 35 different women.
  6. RRY16


    Nigerian Nightmare or some weirdos KP.
  7. FSU


    Interesting, I am assuming it is some type of scam. How long ago was last feedback left for your seller? The one you posted was over a year ago.

    Was just reading somewhere were they were hijacking Amazon and Ebay sellers accounts that hadn't been used for awhile. They would list items very cheap, say the product was shipped and it never arrives. The buyer would get their money back, but I assume by the time this happens the fake seller is gone with the money and Ebay eats the loss.

    Not saying that is what is happening here, and I don't know if this is exactly how the scam works.

    Please update if you actually get the computer.
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    @Pekelo, where's the actual link for the laptop you bought? Did you check the seller's reviews/feedback?

    If it's too good to be true... it usually is ;)

    Maybe the scam is that if it's low enough... EBAY will just reimburse you and not chase the money to the seller.... so they're not scamming you but EBAY.
  9. Lee-


    Does ebay still charge $20 when you file a dispute? If so, a lot of people would probably decide to cut their losses and not bother. Seller keeps the $.
  10. Pekelo


    I know about those, but why go cheap then? If it is too cheap, the scam is too obvious. If the laptop is worth let's say $800, they could still list it for $600 and someone would buy it. But a $15 list for a $800 is too obvious. The item was also limited, only 2 left, so he makes $30, good for him.

    The effort is the same but the pay off is 20 times more, if he goes closer to the real value. But yes, this type of scam would explain it. Maybe they keep the price low so people don't complain because fuck $15, specially if the filing cost $20.

    Anyway, I will update the thread when I get the item or when I am not.

    I don't know if Ebay still charges $20 for filing reports, Amazon immediately reimburses, for Bezos the customer is king...

    Edit: I reported the item, 6 were sold. Stupid Ebay, when you report, you can only choose their menu, and there was no "item too cheap" option.
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