Is this a racist comment?

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  1. and should she really be kicked off olympic team? I don't think so, and i don't think its a racist comment. She said, 'africans' she didn't say blacks. So she refered to a continent, not a color of skin. People are retarted in my opinion (was that racist)

    Its like saying, there are so many asians that moved here, watch out for a stink bug invasion! is that racist?

    maybe i just don't get what racism is. :confused:

    The Greek triple jumper expelled from the Olympics for sending a racist tweet about African immigrants and the West Nile virus is speaking out against the decision to ban her from competition in London.

    Voula Papachristou was left in Athens by the Hellenic Olympic Committee after sending a tweet that read, "with so many Africans in Greece at least the West Nile mosquitos will eat homemade food." Her comment generated a minor uproar in Greece, then became an international story when Greek officials decided to kick her off the Olympic team.
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    She should be kicked out for stupidity. First rule of public speaking: know your audience.
  3. a lot of great athletes are stupid. :p

    was that racist?

    lets face it, africa is the only damn continent on the planet that would have gotten her in trouble. and its not africans fault, its crackers fault.
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    Alone, not a racist comment. But her apparent love of the extreme right wing political party in Greece kinda outs her joke as having intended racist overtones.

    just my .01
  5. better question: if this is a racist comment, should she be kicked out of the Olympics for it?

    In my opinion, fuck no. She is running footraces, not governments. Private individuals have every right to be racist if they so choose. Also, telling racist jokes doesn't automatically make one a racist.
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    Exactly correct. One has to see the bigger picture. Is the potential racist a protected minority? Are they conservative or liberal?
  7. This was totally political and very unfair. She made an innocuous joke without realizing she was a target because of her support for some nationalistic politicians in Greece. I am disappointed the right wing parties didn't do something to support her. It is very inappropriate for Olympic positions to be decided by politics, but these days everything is politicized.

    We shouldn't be smug, since the mayors of Boston and Chicago have attacked a fast food company because its owner is a Christian and supports such controversial issues as traditional marriage and not working on Sunday.
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    They did. They put on their jackboots, thrust their hands up, and issued a statement.
  9. As u would say "source".
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