is this a joke or what? WATCH THIS

Discussion in 'Economics' started by renegade trader, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. what joke?
    Jim's the man!
  2. Rogers said months ago C is a buy at $5.

    That probably sounded like a joke to many people back then.

    With Bear going for $2. It doesnt sound so funny anymore..
  3. maxpi


    He's right about the fed too, anything they do can only add to the volatility of the situation and cannot affect the ultimate outcome.....
  4. One has to love Jimmie - I have yet to see him wear a regular tie? Has any one seeing Jim with regular long tie??? :confused:
  5. candles


    Good clip.

    That guy is correct in everything he said.
  6. Yeah, the bowtie is pseudo-pedophile...

    But he is the man...
  7. Trader50


    jim is great
  8. maybe C will be a buy @ 5.00. we shall see. you never know right..
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