Is This a Great Country or What

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    It's a giant tampon. She just went one further than Melissa Harris-Perry.

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  4. That's racist man!!!
  5. I hope those tee shirts were made in the USA.
  6. One person’s fashion Faux Pas is another’s genius.

    Period coming on? No problem, you always have a tampon or two on hand.

    The next fashion may be wearable condoms or contraceptives. A fashion statement that could be made is: “I’m always prepared”. Kind of like wearing a watch: “Time is important to me”. Right to Lifers, rejoice!
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    That's probably one of those brave soccer player bandages.
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    The American people know tax cuts for the rich,taking away healthcare from people with pre existing conditions,trillion dollar deficits etc isn't the answer.Thats why democrats got 3 million more votes in 2016 and 10 million more votes in 2018.
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