is this a great country or what...

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  1. wow...what a day!
  2. Wow, nice job!
  3. baller
  4. You should post this in P&L 2010 in the journals section. Nice work.
  5. great trading! just think, one day soon all in for top earner, State tax, RE and sales tax ---- you will be able to pay $55,696 of that total to our government!
  6. no problem patrick...ill just do my part..hehe

    ...and thanks cub...i did...
  7. Illum


    Grats man, kick ass.
  8. thanks...hopefully a little inspiration... although patrick had to throw water on it haha
  9. scalping 505: advanced techniques. :p

    care to share any idea of your method? how many contracts per entry? why no trades between 1130 and 1300? (lunch break hehe)
  10. i suppose i am a discretionary-method trader...dont use indicators, studies, or stops...dont listen to news or pay attention to pending reports...only one screen up and although i have been monitoring the dax and crude for a friend i dont watch/trade nething but the s& min charts only...entry is weighted to "whats the market doing right now" i start the morning out with 10's and as i get profitable i hit 25's and 100's accordingly...b/e but dont usually lose any/many trades. and yes...i took a nap...ha (my internet went down)
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