Is this a good deal for a trainee

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  1. 5k down
    100% payout
    $5/1000 (does not include ECN fees)
    no software or desk fees
    no structured training, but would be sitting around a group of profitable traders most of whom have been trading 4+ years
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  3. i think this is the best you can get. there's a few other prop firms that give out the same deal like cygroup.

    how much capital can you trade with?
  4. training is the most important thing.

    you can get 110% payout and no commis and probably will not help with out good training....
  5. what firm is it?
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    Curious who that deal is from... I think I may be looking for a prop firm myself...

    Can you pm me...


  7. sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

    When I traded prop I put down 5K and was paying $7/1000 with no desk space or data fees. Training was non existant like most prop shops, but I did learn from what few profitable traders were there.

    Just be carful they don't have some rule that ties up your capital for a 1 year holding period. I herd somewere that some firms do this, but I don't know which ones. Make sure you read your contract closley.
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    No update on this?
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    I'm interested in finding out more, too. Please PM me if you don't want to post more info.

    I like the fact that you'd be around more experienced traders. It's not training, but it's better than a lot of places.
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    Please send an update!
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