Is this a firewall problem!?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cashmoney69, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. my Scottrade ELITE demo, from time to time, will randomly decide not to work. Quotes wont show, charts dont come up..everything is just BLANK.

    I called tech support and they cant help me because of some kind of BS liability issue, but the lady was nice enough to say that it could be some kind of anti virus software not allowing their server to communicate with me.

    I turned off both my firewall and AV software, but nothing, I even re-installed the program.

    I HAVE TO HAVE this demo. It's how I do all my TA work. The charts on scottrade streamer are bullshit.

    So if any of you tech guys know how to help me, that'd be awesome!.


  3. try this

    go to the cotrol panel click on


    go to advanced

    then performance-settings then advanced at the top

    then virtual memory-change

    change it to 1524 and 3800

    it helped me to stop freezing
  4. It's not a freezing problem, its something about a port being blocked.
  5. did you check that virtual memory?

    if its to low it will cause the same problem, i had the same trouble on etrade and this solved it
  6. It may not make any difference, but uninstalling Norton and Zonealarm did not solve firewall issues - had to reinstall the OS. Some motherboards have firewall in the ethernet chipset/BIOS - does yours?
  7. cashmoney69,
    Do you have a router with firewall?
  8. Yes, it's a wireless Linksys router, but i dont know if its set up to be a firewall.

    It was actually working this morning, then when I logged off then went back on later, it was blank again... its really weird, I'm just gonna get someone out here.

    And no I dont have zone alarm or norton.

  9. It could be as simple as downloading a latest firmware onto your Linksys.

    Log into your router by typing the address and check if there is a firewall.