Is this a decent computer for trading or can you recommend something better?

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    I need to get a back-up computer for trading. I had a computer custom built for me about 2 years ago and I have had quite a few issues with it since then, so I am thinking of just going through future shop for this next one. My main computer works fine now, but I need more screen room and for the price I have been quoted to add extra monitors I may as well just buy another one.
    I went to future shop to see what they recommended and this is the one they picked based on what I asked for (quad core, large ram and cpu):

    Gateway DX4822-OIC
    6 GB Ram
    750 GB hard drive
    Intel Q8300
    Windows 7 pro
    LG 27 " monitor (which I would probably switch out for 2 23")

    I have never used a gateway and don't know anything about them. The total cost seems really cheap compared to what I paid a couple years ago, and yet my computer now only has 3 GB ram and 2.4 Hz cpu. The gateway computer is $750 and the monitor is $600 so total cost would only be about $1350. I am a little nervous about the windows 7. I had vista on my computer and hated it, so I downgraded to xp pro but that is no longer available so they tell me. Hopefully, sterling can run with windows 7 fine. Their website recommends vista or xp pro. ?? I want a very fast well-built computer that I can rely on. If anyone has any recommendations or comments on the above it would be much appreciated !
    Thx :)
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  3. The mobo on this is el-cheapo... you can tell because it has "onboard video chip"... only bargain units have this.

    However, it's not badly priced and will be fine if you want to run only 1-2 monitors. (If you want to run 3 or more monitors, you may have issues because of the oboard video.)

    You can still get a Dell Precision T3400 with XP if you want. Much better mobo (X38).

    You don't really need a quad core CPU for trading, but if you must you can buy a base T3400 and upgrade the CPU yourself (Newegg or similar).. or, you could pay Best Buy a $40 installation charge to replace the CPU for you. (You shouldn't pay for an upgrade to quad through Dell... they overcharge.)
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    Thanks for the quick replies! I have heard the Dell T3400 recommended on here a few times, as well as the I7 processor.
    The gateway is probably ok for my needs as a back-up, and I likely won't add more than 2 screens for awhile, but it is always nice to have that option so I will look into your suggestions instead.
  5. I am running Windows 7 right now on my other puter with Ninja Charts and it works fine. I have a Intel 9300 quad 2.5 ghz with 8 gigs of RAM. I had to go on NT forums and make some suggested changes, but others didn't with 7.

    I agree with Cyber I actually tried to find something comparable from Dell in the XPS line and it was $200 more expensive. The funny thing is Cyber was cheaper than Dell, but my computer expert friend said I could build the cyber I7 quoted at $985 for probably $150 more myself. He didn't like their power supply it was no name.

    If you go to someone like Falcon Trading Systems they charge 200% more than cyber.

    Now all that said another guy I know from trading who also is an IT expert said an I7 isn't necessary and you are paying 20% more for latest greatest. An I5 or Intel Q 9300 or 9500 is fine. Just load up the RAM it's cheap and 64 bit needs it.

    Hope it helps.
  6. Anyone have any experience running a VmWare Virtual Machine for Windows on a Mac?

    Seems like that would be a good trading machine..
  7. niccia 6 posts! u sure like to chat on the boards. i also see u like to chat in mr. weinsteins chat too. aka determined in the chat room.

    if u want the fastest. the dell with the core i7 is the latest generation processor and way faster then the last generation.

    both have discrete graphics card. much better for your 27in or 2 23inchers.

    for lil bit more go for this i7&cp=1&lp=1

    if not here is a better gateway for cheaper.
  8. Little off topic, but how can I connect three monitors at once? Do you need dual/triple head graphics card or just add extra cards and connect each monitor to them (including the one on MB).
  9. tradersu are u still programming stock scans and stuff? i don't see u in mr. w's chat anymore. (determined)

    you can use either nvidia or ati line of workstation cards or u need 2 pci express cards if your motherboard has 2 of those slots.
  10. Whether or not you can use "dualhead card + onboard video chip" to run 3 monitors is up to the BIOS. There is a risk BIOS won't allow.... in ANY configuration. (I've seen where mobo with onboard would not run a quadhead from PCIEx16 slot... nor would run a 2nd video card from PCIEx1 slot.... all kinds of possible limitations. Then again, some will allow you to run two video cards and disable the onboard... all depends on the BIOS.)
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