is this a bubble?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by maxitronixy, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. China stocks, China property ,US stocks, Hong Kong property,

    Worldwide stocks run up?
  2. when money is being poured into something, its value increases. Point being, when the government puts in money into the stock markets(ie gives money to banks who put the money in the markets) the value will increase. Whether the worldwide financial market is a bubble or not, i have no idea. Just thought i should point out the obvious.
  3. It's a deflating "bubble" that has slightly re-inflated recently that still has to deflate more. :)
  4. How would you define a "bubble"?
  5. ....various psychological and mathematical measures that you'll say are "subjective". :p
  6. China stocks and property: yes

    US stocks: not a bubble, but not a bargain either

    Hong Kong property: I don't know.
  7. The money that supplies most of these bubbles wasn't earned, it was created. Once the demand is satiated, it will collapse.

    Unfortunately, those who rely on a strong economy to service this debt will be out of luck...