Is this a bad equity market?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nutzo, May 10, 2005.

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    I keep hearing experienced equity day traders here on ET saying that this is a bad market for new traders coming into the game.

    What is everyone's comment on this?
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    In no way am I trying to start a thread about "can I make money in this market", but rather I would like to hear from experienced traders about thier reason's behind saying this is a "bad market to profit in"

    So please don't try to flame on me.:)
  3. i been reading the same posts, and i just don't get it. these past 3 weeks have been my best in months. i think some traders just get pigeonholed into a certain way of trading and fail to adapt to the changing environment.
  4. and for example...

    how did YOU "adapt"?

    just curious and trying to learn
  5. i've been hedging a little more to take advantage of the market's bi-directionality. once the VIX (for lack of a better word) "shot" up to the 15 to 17 range, i've been able to capture more profit on the occasional short scalps, while waiting for my longs to act.

    i've also tightened up, and taken less gambles on the riskier stocks. i've been letting my core, safer, bread 'n butter stocks breathe and swing a little more, rather than take the quick scalps as i did in a flatter market.
  6. Opinions on the market "trading difficulty level" vary from trader to trader based primarily on their particular trading style or trading vehicle of choice. I cannot speak intelligently on how the current market dynamic effects scalpers or other types of intraday liquidity providers, as I have no experience in these areas. However, based on the system that I use, I have found current conditions to be no more difficult than in years past.

    - Spydertrader
  7. thanks
  8. Sounds like small potatos. The fact is, most who claim to make any money are doing so at a fraction of their usual size. I'll say it again, this market sucks. There's no range expansion. No investors buying/selling. Just traders and sharks screwing each other.

  9. personally, i've never had to trade size to make money, nor have i particularly needed a rangy market. but i guess it's like Spydertrader said, we all have different styles in which we've grown accustomed. one style may be optimal for one set of conditions, while a different style may be best suited for another.

    in my opinion, i don't think the market, in and of itself, is bad. it's not intended to just cater to everyone. nimble traders must learn to adapt because they're not gonna change it singlehandedly.
  10. The market has been good for the past month or sucks though.
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