Is thinkorswim down?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Allspread, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Can't get past the autoupdate initial page and their website isn't loading here...

    Everything else net related seems to be up for me...
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    Are you using AT&T?

    Mine is working fine but they released an announcement saying they are having some service interruptions for people with AT&T and they are trying to fix it quickly
  3. Tech support stated that they are having a server connection problem with AT&T. It started out West (California) and has cascaded throughout the rest of the country. No timeframe on when it will be fixed.

    Thankfully, markets haven't moved much since the FOMC decision...
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    working good for me all day.
  5. Hi Traders,

    Today not withstanding, what has your experience been with Think or Swim? I'm looking for a good option broker to compliment my futures trading.

    Did they inform you in real time of problems? Did they get the connection up? Can you call in to trade out of a posistion if down?

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    I like them so far. they had a popup that tell you exactly what the problem is and who might be affected. their platform for option is second to none IMO. I used IB, Scott,and datek.
  7. OK, cool i used a few including Datek way back when. Brother has TradeKing which is clunky but seems to have decent fills. IB I have but setting up another separate account for long term trades and found out the minimum is now 10k on individual accounts.
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    You can read reviews at the 'brokers' link at the top of the page.

    I really like them. They send out alerts when they are having any problems.
    They also have TOS charts and prophet charts. The data comes from two difference providers so if one is one there is usually a backup.

    Yeah, every time I've called them someone knowledge picks up quickly and helps out.
  9. OK Thanks. I was looking to answer the question about notification since I won't be concentrating solely on this platform.
    I've seen the rave the reviews and I think will give them a shot.
  10. They are top notch and when you do have problems, questions, etc., they are a pleasure to deal with.

    Not the case with any of the other brokers I've had prior to them.
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