Is there such thing as a long term "opening-range"

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  1. I'm asking a little bit of an odd question here and I'll try to phrase it as best as I can.:

    Are there months/quarters or any part of the calendar year where there are generally major inflows, outflows or portfolio restructuring when there is a battle between bulls and bears? I guess I'm trying to find something like the opening range of a single trading day, but on a longer time frame.

    Thanks for anyone that can help.
  2. I have a second question as well--is there a way to intraday trade an opening range type system on the euro?

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    Yes; there are probability patterns for months/seasons
    Stock Traders Almanac, by Hirsch.:cool:
  4. drukes

    I will tell you that there is definetly long term orb methods that are extremely valid. I have done personal and extensive research with my spreadsheets.

    Please no PM'S as I WILL not discuss this further. The reason for my post is to encourage drukes and to tell him that this trader thinks that he has discovered millions of dollars sitting at his finger tips.

    These high probability set-ups is a breakthrough for an ET poster and has NEVER been discussed here.

    I congratulate you Sir, and yes you should be excited. Have a nice weekend and good trading to you.

    Michael B.


    Read Mark Fisher's book, The Logical Trader.
  6. one more thing...

    If you had to wait three weeks for one trade that for 10 years had a winrate of 100% set with a stop resembling an average risk to return of 1:3 and a hold time under one day, would you be patient enough to trade it?

    what if that was only one instrument....????

    Compare that to roulette....

    I know people who would save up for their Vegas trips and plop down C note after C note...and I could show them how to play DAILY in their living room...But that is for another day and another Journal in time...

    Michael B.

    P.S. Its funny when you put a gambler in a "Not Gambling" environment they do not enjoy it...its true...not you drukes