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    as a technical indicator that gives you some sort of probability-weighted stock price levels for the near future? E.g. if I have a recent price history for a stock (say AAPL) and give it a collection of price levels, it would give me a probability of getting to these levels. Or, as an alternative, it would output a bunch of possible levels each with some sort of probability weight. Is there such a thing or anything similar?
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    All probability weighted by volume.
  3. yes, there are a few, but not TA indicators.:cool:
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    TA helped me find a gf.
  5. ==========
    Yes looks like ,say AAPL , as you say,is due for a pullback real soon, like this week from $373.73;
    but the uptrend is /has been so strong, only bears will perhaps play that uptrend pullback:D

    Williams % can give hints;
    not really a prediction
  6. Options list the probability of expiring at various strikes for weekly and monthly options. If you need this data for periods other than when options expire, maybe you could use the same methods used to calculate options prices.
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    Time series analysis - GARCH and ARIMA come to mind.

    Not the panacea you might think.