is there such a thing a good forex signals service?

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  1. Right i have tried 6..and each one lost me money. Intra day. Despite telling everyone on their site they would make 1,000+ pips a month (LOL) So is everyone a scam or are there some legit ones out there?

    If so, can you point me in the right direction?

    Thank you
  2. kut2k2


    Why would anyone who could generate winning trade signals sell them over the net? :confused:

    I smell a scam.
  3. Kevin45


    Have you by any chance tried the Zulutrade platform? I think it is the most advanced one in the market in terms of features and in the amount of traders available for copying.
  4. I do not like using the robot because it is a software and it can malfunction at any time and when it malfunctions, i start loosing trades and it will be disastrous.
    It is better that i trade by myself because i believe that i can make huge profit much more than the robot makes. It requires confidence and patience.
  5. i asked if anyone knew of any good trading signals (fx) you people can't even seem to read my post.

    Zulu they offer forex trading signals?
  6. WHERE? All forex trading signals? Me? You? Not sure?

    It's like saying "why would a successful trader ever manage O.P.M."? Duh.

    Anyhow my original question remains if someone with some intelligence could reply. Thx


    Why would anyone who could generate winning trade signals sell them over the net?

    I smell a scam.
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    of course they offer professional traders trading for all of the followers. however one should be careful when it comes to account management as it takes to have a risk-averse profile and make sure that you follow small trades with small equity, otherwise there will be not enough equity to cover your positions and will have very soon as margin call.
  8. Right.......thx ^^^^
  9. Make your own system. Any system that is sold can not guarantee results. They are sold for "informational purposes".

    It pisses me off to see people bundle up basic information and sell it as "holy grail". But I guess people get away with it every day. Buyer beware...
  10. Yes i agree. ^^

    But I wonder if ther'es possibly some good services out there or is EVERYONE a scam? I am in touch with another now I'll see how they go.

    What these "scammers" do not realize's actually easier (in the long term) to run a legit/honest business than short term rip peole off. And yes hype and maing up returns is fraud (something many do not seem to even realize) IDIOTS!

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