is there something wrong with INTC?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by dafong, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. dafong


    It has barely budged the last 2 huge rally days. signs of something bad to come?
  2. wjk


    Thu low of 17.91 to a high at the open on Fri of 20.22. For Intel, that's quite a move. It did give back quite a bit after the open. I got out of mine as soon as DELL released it's earnings few weeks back.
  3. Bad sector in general right now. I know this means little by itself. But, we have great chips on the market now. Who's going to buy the PC or laptop with the new generation chip that always costs 4 times the average chip cost. In an economy like today, outlook is flat and new PC and laptop buyers will be looking for bargains (generally speaking) not the latest and greatest Tim the Tool Man Taylor power machine.

    Now, if they announce something like NVIDIA reducing workforce by 5% or more, streamlining business practices, new chip development at greatly reduced power and costs, with real plans (not fluff), then I will expect a jump.

    This is only a layman outlook on the topic however, and I would be interested in additional details too. Anyone?
  4. Either next week this stock does bounce or the bad to come is NOT limited to INTC. Look at this one year chart... what is to be excited about last week's end rally? If Intel is stuck where it was in the Jan-Feb drop... wow! I guess I'm agreeing with dafong's concern rather than answering, sorry.

    I do see this chart as very telling of overall economic condition, though. One big cause might be the sector was overlooked Thu and Fri. Early next wk may be different. We'll soon see.