Is there something faster?

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  1. Is there a platform out there that does not have massive lag in a demo account?

    I'm currently trying out Think or Swim but the demo is lagged so far behind current prices its not funny. I have also heard it is slightly laggy with a live account too but I don't got any solid confirmation on that.

    The orders are incredibly annoying in the ToS demo account because it tries to place your order at the price the stock was at 10 - 15 minutes ago while displaying the current price under the "monitor" tab.

    Any recommendations?
  2. Ninja with Zen Fire. Mirus or Amp futures.
  3. Just successfully installed it with Zen Fire connected.

    I cannot gt any orders to go through or and prices to show up besides the DOW. Incredibly annoying.
  4. Just spent 30 minutes in the help section of Ninja Trader and trying to get the damn thing to work

    This program is a real pain in the ass, deleted.
  5. You ain't too smart Sparky. You should have called them and they would have walked you through it. Pack it in with your patience you won't make it. No wait, sorry the market needs dumb money please load up and go for it.
  6. Yea, call them after their closing hours when their tech support is not there... sounds smart.

    You should of read, this is a demo account not a real one. There is nothing to make.

    You don't sound too smart yourself. Sorry if you've lost your dumb money to the market, don't take it out on me little man.
  7. traders go for each other's throat on ET, just as they kill each other in the market.

    come on, give him a knee or an elbow, as in UFC fights.:D :D :D
  8. Well maybe this is why it didn't work... Ninja Trader does not support the trading of stock shares, only futures...

    anyone know any other platforms in demo mode that don't lag 15 minutes behind the actual stock price?
  9. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    NinjaTrader surely support trading of stocks in addition to futures and forex.
  10. IB TWS simulated trading mode works in real time. I have run the simulator and the full TWS at the same time and the prices are exactly the same. The simulated fills seem fairly accurate also. It doesn't just fill a limit order as soon as the price is hit.
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