Is there software that can do this?

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    I'm looking for a service that will scan a list of 500 stocks and let me know if a MACD buy/sell signal was recently triggered. I want to be able to change the time frame (1 day, 30 min, 5min, etc). I'm currently doing this using esignal and metastock, but its a real pain. Anyone know an easier way?


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    I've tried many software packages and have to say that this one is one of the best I've used for charting and scanning.
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    Cron tech is God awful. I tried Stock Watch Pro on two separate PCs and the damn thing wouldn't run without locking up every 3-5 minutes. Moreover, the windows flicker, the charts display bad data, the filters are sloooooooooow, and their only source of support is email--which took 1-2 days to get non-helpful responses.

    Pay more and get more.
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    I've been using StockWatchPro for a while and my experience is the opposite of what you described. I use scanner every day and it runs pretty fast. I'm running XP and it never crashed or locked up on me. Support guys are helpful and know what they are talking about.
  6. You could get yourself a copy of Omega ProSuite 2000i. Not only does its RadarScreen allow you to do just what you're looking to do, but OptionStation is there if you ever want to get into options investing.

    It may be old and no longer supported, but it works. And you'll probably be able to pick up a copy for cheap.

    Or, you could shell out the bucks for TS6.
  7. Since when does ts6 do realtime scans?

  8. I'm not sure if it does...we're still using 2000i. I just assumed that TS6 would have the same functionality as 2000i.

    God, if it doesn't, AND Omega is making people use them to trade through (ie. not allowing people to choose who they enter their trades through from the TS6 interface), AND they've dropped support for 2000i, then Omega has made a huge mistake with TS6. They've only got around 30,000 users worldwide after 10 years in business, and I foresee that dropping dramatically in the future.

    Well, that's why I've been looking around for newer technologies...NeuroShell DayTrader Professional looks good. Of course, they need to support more data providers, and they're a bit pricey, but it's got all the functionality of 2000i, and neural net capability built-in.

    I's likes dem neural nets. :D Ever since reading the book, 'The Predictors', I've wanted to set one up.
  9. WealthLab... great support... frequent software updates... multiple symbol systems... scan...

    Took me less than a week to learn the language...

    Well, I do have a programming background... still great...
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    I'm a little confused by the conflicting info regarding Crontech. I previously used Ravenquote and loved it, but I have read elsewhere that Stock Watch Pro is better (and cheaper).

    Any comments?
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