Is there charting that handles pivot points for you?

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    Or with pivot points is it common that you need to draw them on your own since you have to decide where to start measuring the high/low and the 1st and 2nd levels of R and S?

    I am looking at MultiCharts and they have several indicators called Pivot Hi and Pivot Low, but they don't appear to do what I thought looked anything like Pivoting.
  2. Tums


    Thanks to the generousity of ABC

    { ** Copyright (c) 2007 ABC TRADING GROUP All rights reserved. ** [url][/url]
    This study may be shared freely, as long as the copyright notice is included.}
    	StartCalcTime		(0000),
    	EndCalcTime		(2359),
    	PlaceTextRight	(true),
    	PlotatDateChange	(true),
    	PlotToDateEnd		(true),
    	IgnoreWeekends	(true),
    	TLSize			(1),
    	TLStyle		(1),
    	PivColor		(yellow),
    	R1Color		(red),
    	R2Color		(red),
    	R3Color		(red),	
    	S1Color		(green),
    	S2Color		(green),
    	S3Color		(green);
    	Monday2Friday		(false),
    	RR1			(0),
    	RR2			(0),
    	RR3			(0),
    	SS1			(0),
    	SS2			(0),
    	SS3			(0),
    	PP			(0),
    	RR1TL			(0),
    	RR2TL			(0),
    	RR3TL			(0),
    	SS1TL			(0),
    	SS2TL			(0),
    	SS3TL			(0),
    	PPTL			(0),
    	DayHi			(-999999),
    	DayLo			(+999999),
    	HaveTLs		(false),
    	StartTime		(0),
    	EndTime		(0),
    	R1Txt			(0),
    	R2Txt			(0),
    	R3Txt			(0),
    	S1Txt			(0),
    	S2Txt			(0),
    	S3Txt			(0),
    	PPTxt			(0),
    	SessClose		(0),
    	TextStyleHoriz	(1), 	//0: To the right of the bar specified for the text object
     					//1: To the left of the bar specified for the text object
     					//2: Centered on the bar specified for the text object
    	TextStyleVert		(2);	//0: Beneath the price specified for the text object
    					//1: Above the price specified for the text object
    					//2: Centered on the specified price location of the text object
    If IgnoreWeekends then begin
    	If DayOfWeek(Date) >= Monday and DayOfWeek(Date) <= Friday then 
    		Monday2Friday = true
    		Monday2Friday = false;
    else begin
    	Monday2Friday = true;
    If Monday2Friday then begin
    	If Date <> Date[1] then begin
    		If PlaceTextRight then 
    			TextStyleVert = 1;
    		If PlotatDateChange then
    			StartTime = Time
    			StartTime = StartCalcTime;
    		EndTime = Time[1];		
    		PP = (DayHi + DayLo + SessClose[1])/3 ;
    		RR1 = PP * 2 - DayLo;
    		RR2 = PP + DayHi - DayLo;
    		RR3 = RR2 + DayHi - DayLo;
    		SS1 = PP * 2 - DayHi;
    		SS2 = PP - DayHi + DayLo;
    		SS3 = SS2 - DayHi + DayLo;
    		DayHi = -999999;
    		DayLo = +999999;
    		HaveTLs = false;
    	end; //If Date <> Date[1] then begin...	
    	If Time > StartCalcTime and Time <= EndCalcTime then begin
    		If High >= DayHi then DayHi = High;
    		If Low <= DayLo then DayLo = Low;
    		If BarStatus(1) = 2 then
    		SessClose = Close;
    	end;//If Time > StartCalcTime and Time <= EndCalcTime then begin...
    	If HaveTLs = false then begin
    		HaveTLs = true;
    		RR1TL = TL_New(Date, StartTime, RR1, Date, EndTime, RR1);
    			TL_SetColor(RR1TL, R1Color);
    			TL_SetSize(RR1TL, TLSize);	
    			TL_SetStyle(RR1TL, TLStyle);
    		RR2TL = TL_New(Date, StartTime, RR2, Date, EndTime, RR2);
    			TL_SetColor(RR2TL, R2Color);
    			TL_SetSize(RR2TL, TLSize);	
    			TL_SetStyle(RR2TL, TLStyle);
    		RR3TL = TL_New(Date, StartTime, RR3, Date, EndTime, RR3);
    			TL_SetColor(RR3TL, R3Color);
    			TL_SetSize(RR3TL, TLSize);	
    			TL_SetStyle(RR3TL, TLStyle);
    		SS1TL = TL_New(Date, StartTime, SS1, Date, EndTime, SS1);
    			TL_SetColor(SS1TL, S1Color);
    			TL_SetSize(SS1TL, TLSize);	
    			TL_SetStyle(SS1TL, TLStyle);
    		SS2TL = TL_New(Date, StartTime, SS2, Date, EndTime, SS2);
    			TL_SetColor(SS2TL, S2Color);
    			TL_SetSize(SS2TL, TLSize);
    			TL_SetStyle(SS2TL, TLStyle);
    		SS3TL = TL_New(Date, StartTime, SS3, Date, EndTime, SS3);
    			TL_SetColor(SS3TL, S3Color);
    			TL_SetSize(SS3TL, TLSize);
    			TL_SetStyle(SS3TL, TLStyle);
    		PPTL = TL_New(Date, StartTime, PP, Date, EndTime, PP);
    			TL_SetColor(PPTL, PivColor);
    			TL_SetSize(PPTL, TLSize);
    			TL_SetStyle(PPTL, TLStyle);
    		R1Txt = Text_New(Date, StartTime, RR1, "R1");
    			Text_SetStyle(R1Txt, TextStyleHoriz, TextStyleVert);	
    			Text_SetColor(R1Txt, R1Color);
    		R2Txt = Text_New(Date, StartTime, RR2, "R2");
    			Text_SetStyle(R2Txt, TextStyleHoriz, TextStyleVert);	
    			Text_SetColor(R2Txt, R2Color);
    		R3Txt = Text_New(Date, StartTime, RR3, "R3");
    			Text_SetStyle(R3Txt, TextStyleHoriz, TextStyleVert);	
    			Text_SetColor(R3Txt, R3Color);
    		S1Txt = Text_New(Date, StartTime, SS1, "S1");
    			Text_SetStyle(S1Txt, TextStyleHoriz, TextStyleVert);
    			Text_SetColor(S1Txt, S1Color);
    		S2Txt = Text_New(Date, StartTime, SS2, "S2");
    			Text_SetStyle(S2Txt, TextStyleHoriz, TextStyleVert);	
    			Text_SetColor(S2Txt, S2Color);
    		S3Txt = Text_New(Date, StartTime, SS3, "S3");
    			Text_SetStyle(S3Txt, TextStyleHoriz, TextStyleVert);	
    			Text_SetColor(S3Txt, S3Color);
    		PPTxt = Text_New(Date, StartTime, PP, "PP");
    			Text_SetStyle(PPTxt, TextStyleHoriz, TextStyleVert);							
    			Text_SetColor(PPTxt, PivColor);			
    	end //If HaveTLs = false then begin...
    	else begin
    			If PlotToDateEnd then 
    				EndTime = EndTime
    				EndTime = EndCalcTime;
    			TL_SetEnd(RR1TL, Date, EndTime, RR1);	
    			TL_SetEnd(RR2TL, Date, EndTime, RR2);		
    			TL_SetEnd(RR3TL, Date, EndTime, RR3);
    			TL_SetEnd(SS1TL, Date, EndTime, SS1);
    			TL_SetEnd(SS2TL, Date, EndTime, SS2);
    			TL_SetEnd(SS3TL, Date, EndTime, SS3);					
    			TL_SetEnd(PPTL, Date, EndTime, PP);
    			If PlaceTextRight then begin
    				Text_SetLocation(R1Txt, Date, EndTime, RR1);
    				Text_SetLocation(R2Txt, Date, EndTime, RR2);		
    				Text_SetLocation(R3Txt, Date, EndTime, RR3);
    				Text_SetLocation(S1Txt, Date, EndTime, SS1);
    				Text_SetLocation(S2Txt, Date, EndTime, SS2);
    				Text_SetLocation(S3Txt, Date, EndTime, SS3);					
    				Text_SetLocation(PPTxt, Date, EndTime, PP);
    			end; //If PlaceTextRight then begin...			
    	end; //If HaveTLs then begin...
    end; //If Monday2Friday then begin...
  3. Every major charting package has pivot points.
  4. QuoteTracker has them built-in.
  5. As another already stated, all major charting packages have a pivot suite.........have you tried the "modify parameters" function ?