Is there anyway to get interday snapshots from 5/6/2010?

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  1. Hey guys, if anyone could help me out here I would appreciate it.

    Is there any website, program or anything that goes back to 2010 for interday charts?

    Esignal only goes back one year so thats out.
  2. For another $10/mo, you get 5 years of intraday in esignal. call em
  3. Why not just order the raw data from a provider and reconstruct whatever visual you want?
  4. google Nanex if you are looking for detail, otherwise just get a data/charting package that goes back more than 2 years. Zenfire currently goes back that far intraday .
  5. TOS offers live DVR back to '09
  6. Thank you all. You are awesome.
  7. With the extended intraday historical data on eSignal I managed to go as far back as year 2000 on some symbols. I'm not sure why he said "5 years", maybe the ones I didn't try downloading only went back that far, but I'm sure there's others that go back farther.
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    Zenfire doesn't provide backfill. Just the software vendors using Zenfire store data and provide that to customers of the software. Zenfire is a real-time data provider but not a data vendor.
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    What symbols are you looking for? Send PM if you like.
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