Is there anything like a best trading strategy?

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  1. I am an occasional trader, not trading regularly so I am not sure about any specific strategy.
    If I have to explain my outcomes - more of neutral and little margins when trading with MT4.

    By when should I expect to see my account booming to triple digits?
    Need to hear your tried and tested moves on strategy tuning, spreads, leverage, opening/closing trades, favourable currencies, or commissions.
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    " I bought a violin and took some lessons, when can I expect to play at Carnegie Hall?...any special techniques or tunings to speed the process?"
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    Neal, ever heard of -

    Work on your work ethic first :
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    Studies show that only 99% of intraday violin players are profitable.
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    Maybe the best Trading Strategy is not to Trade, just a thought
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  7. Trading well requires a lot. You're unlikely to stumble on a successful strategy trading "occasionally".
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    For most it is. People can be very naïve about what it takes to become a consistently profitable trader.
  9. what does it take? an account at elite trader for one!
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    Find as many strategies as possible with positive expected value and performance characteristics (e.g. positive skew, negative skews) that perform well in difference conditions (price, economic, etc.). Diversify across them to achieve higher risk adjusted returns. With that you can always lever your portfolio up and down to achieve your target volatility and ensuing returns.
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