Is there anyone who makes a good living

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  1. anyone out there who makes a good living off trading the forex market im planning to switch over from equity to forex
  2. you would be making a very big mistake if you did that- but good luck to you if you do make the jump
  3. I do, but I also trade other markets :) (A GREAT living is comming)

    I know a few people who make a great living trading this racket, but I find most may start off well, but in the long run, they fail.

    Some might disagree, but FOREX is a greater challenge than equities.
  4. would it not be easier because forex is more of a trending market
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    I find better and more profitable opportunities in forex than stocks and yes you can make a living from trading just forex. If you are a newbie then it will be tough, but experience, perseverance, good money management you will get there
  6. do you scalp ot swing trade forex and what times frames and indicators you use thanks its good to see someone saying something positive about forex i think it should be easier theres less emotion invloved no market makers or specialist to shake you out its more about chart reading but i can be wrong. How should i set up my lay out and what should i look for and use moving average bolinger bands trend lines candle sticks and what time frame and patterns
  7. price action is the secret
  8. price action is the secret but you there are no prints in forex do you mean recognizing price action from the charts candle stick reversal patterns
  9. There is no valid, reliable historical or live data for forex markets. Guess why ?
  10. trade multiple markets/asset classes
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