Is there anyone still using ActiveTick as a feed?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by dreturns, Mar 14, 2018.

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    Lost my existing datafeed so I signed up for a dev account at activetick. The automated sign up charged the credit card asap but there seems to be no one home. Any one in ET using ActiveTick? I like the ease of the http server, but they have not enabled my logon to the api yet, 2 days passed since sign up.
  2. robindrew



    I recently signed up to them and am integrating with their api at the moment using Java. They got me to re-signup because I needed a dev account which is apparently different to the standard one. I did find that they were very slow to respond (days) to my original complaints about access to the api, but then they had a spurt of being active and I managed to get going.

    I found the API slightly odd to use as its not geared towards standard Java, but once I wrapped it with my own classes it become a lot more accessible. I have done a basic integration to get historic 1M candles and stream price quotes. Cannot give any assurance on accuracy etc, but so far so good.

    Historic data (I'm doing FX only at the moment) goes back to the end of 2013, not too bad.

    I am trying to find out one thing though - what timezone the timestamps are in. As best I can tell they are based in Delaware which would agree with the dates I get back so far (UTC-4). Does anyone know if their dates use daylight savings or not?

    Example logging from my process (I enforce UTC in all my code).

    23:27:50.982 [Thread-2] INFO c.r.t.p.a.platform.AtStreamListener - [Tick] ATServerAPIDefines.ATQUOTESTREAM_QUOTE_UPDATE[symbol=USD/JPY,date=2018-03-15T19:27:51,bidPrice=106.337,bidPrecision=3,askPrice=106.351,askPrecision=3]

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    Still no response from anyone else here in ET (other than robindrew) having any luck with these guys?
  4. dreturns


    They got back to me today, works as advertised. Will run with it and see what happens. Will update this thread with overall results in a week or two.
  5. Splat


    How are you guys finding Activetick in terms or reliability and accuracy?
  6. Speaking for stocks data only here: I use ActiveTick as a backup feed while is now my primary.

    ActiveTick is worse in pretty much every way (quality, reliability, ease of use, support) except that some of their lower pricing tiers might be more affordable if you are very small time like I was a few years ago.

    I don't want ActiveTick to go out of business because competition is good and I like to have a backup just in case. However they are putting zero investment into their systems for years now and it shows.
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    Hi - thanks for your reply. I am wanting to use Activetick as a data feed into my real-time scanner. Trade-ideas has some limitations so I want to be able to design my own scans. Obviously I need to use a higher tiered developer data feed. I was therefore wanting some feedback. From what you say things don’t sound tooo good!
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    I realize that I'm only getting what I'm paying for, but I'm still annoyed as hell that their http API, along with their entire website (meaning they probably aren't getting any emails) have been down since yesterday with no explanation or even an apology. At least it's the weekend.

    The same thing happened on Thursday with no explanation.
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    When they don't even bother emailing back prospective customers, I would imagine after support to be atrocious. That's why I won't even come near them anymore. Good luck.