Is there anyone more vile than Cramer?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Apr 10, 2006.

Cramer the vilest lowlife on the planet?

  1. No

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  2. Yes (Name it)

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  3. No, Not Even Charles Manson on his worst day

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  1. I don't think so , he's degenerated into a steaming pile of pompous, noisemaking , dung.
  2. Bah. Poll question not right and the board won't let me change it or delete.
  3. man I wish I was on his list of people who he told what stocks he was going to pump that day...
  4. he has done 4 monbacks on bol and bashed other traders on real money who told him that averaging down on bol was dangerous. bol had bad news ah and tanked another 5 bucks. cramerites are now down a cool 18 points. booya skeedaddy.
  5. Choad


    Hmmm...well, let me think....uhm, there's...nah...

    Sorry. Can't think of anybody! :p
  6. yes. howard stern
  7. Choad


    Wow. Good one.
    Close, very close...
  8. nitro


    I think it is really bad if he tells other people what he is going to say on the show, if his intent is to allow them to frontrun his show viewers. But I really doubt that is his motive.

    Put yourself in his position - it is reeeally hard not to talk about stocks at all with anyone, because like most of us, I imagine he discusses ideas with colleagues and there is no way not to have some of those discussions leak. Geesys, the US Goverment can't keep secrets.

    That said, I don't understand why anyone worries about the guy? If he is not providing a service to the people that watch him, he will be toast soon anyway?

    The times I watch the show I rarely regret it. I just feel bad for people that drive these stocks up without having a plan to enter or worse exit a stock when it goes against them, other than he mentions it. But if they understood his thinking and applied it to other investment ideas, I think he is providing a good service to the investment public.

  9. if anybody buys a stock just because Cramer pumps it....then your a complete he will even tell you that.....if he pumps a stock he wants you to do your homework to see if that stock is worth buying and will fit into your portfolio......and ya....he is wrong....he can admit why do you naysayers always bash him cause he got one wrong.....nobody is perfect.....but how many has he got how about you people stop bashin the guy just because he is more successful than you and that makes you feel insecure about your manhood......cause trust me....there are way more people than just Cramer out there that are more successful than you....gonna bash them all??
    Cramer does nothing but inform uninformed investors how to take more control and make better decisions about their financial positions and entertains people while he does it.

    So what makes him vile? The fact that he was a more successful trader when he traded than you will ever be.....or that he is even more successful as a tv show host than when he was just a fund manager.....or that he does everything he can to help out the little investor at the expense of huge brokerages? Seems to me he has never intentionally tried to screw anybody over and only trys to help people (while making himself rich) so where is the vileness???

    Seems the only thing vile is you pathetic people that need to try and bring down anything more successful than you.
  10. cramer tells people (over and over) not to daytrade his picks, and not to buy them on the ah's pump

    he also distinguishes between so called "mad money" picks, and core portfolio holdings (GOOG, BA, UNH, etc.)

    all the cramerhaters are just people who can't stand to see somebody (besides them) being given the attention that cramer gets.

    cramer is entertainment first and foremost and he's the first i am aware of to make stocks fun for the masses

    the guy is no idiot. he graduated with honors, got a law degree and was a very successful hedge fund operator

    the histrionics are schtick guys.
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