Is there anyone here who is self-taught, consistently profitable and confident of continued success?

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    You monster. I am 6’3” with banana hands and still find


    return key.

    WTF does you height have to do with it?

    I digress.


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    For what is it worth, I enjoy reading your posts, they bring up ideas and truth to how markets have become. I don't notice it as much as my eyes adapt to changes like breathing. But comparing them to say five years ago, reactions at S/R have changed if one looks at tick charts. Volume bars have changed as well, whereas before you can see volume better at S/R and now happens as to mask what is happening, but study anything long enough.... I don't use ATR much, I study slopes of price-no slope means chops and tighter patterns, meaning buy/sell extremes of the range, steeper slopes I wait for the ends.....I believe large firms have changed charts long ago to sucker in unknowledgeable traders by what they view for intraday, most never study one bar at a time then study waves of swings, what are stats of what happens in last 10,000 times before bar by bar, many are no bars of have no meanings-just noise or continuation of going practically no where....I find this forum and other to be the same, many have too much egos, but dealing as in we all operate a business and all competing for money as end result, all have their own ways to express themselves, I have had to simply put some on ignore so it does not interfere with my non aggression stance on life going forward.

    Much luck
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    Everyone has it and it's very hard to fix.
    Somehow, it has to do with how successful one is in the market.
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    Expression is important, yes sir.

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    When the pain of losing money exceeds the pain of losing your ego, you are good to go.
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    yep better to lose your opinion than your money
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  8. Yes! His post is pretty much unreadable without paragraphs.
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  9. You should also consider percentage gain. If the consistent $50k gain is only 2% gain of his investment capital, then one might as well buy risk-free Treasuries yielding 2% while working on a full-time job instead of dreaming to be a full-time retail trader.
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  10. Thank you for your responses! It’s encouraging that those who answered the question, unanimously answered positively.

    I actually think there’s a lot of value here, so have pasted this thread (with a little editing) into the first section of my draft trading planning, Due Diligence.
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