Is there anyone here who is self-taught, consistently profitable and confident of continued success?

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  1. that will be my last post on this site. good job destriero! people like you are the reason this site is what it is. eat a dhick destriero. Just hoping to teach some fundamentals for free to people in here. good luck.
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    Just because he asked you nicely to make it easier to read your context!?
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  3. lol. yeah because on a cell phone being 6ft 3 with large hands after sharing smart information and spending 20 minutes writing it out for free .yeah he was being a dhick. take care and please start trading those micros !!! lol
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  4. if you look through posts on here as i know you do and have for some time. it is a running inside joke to ask for paragraphs. you know that so shame on you for trying to play the game more. you guys are sad. its like the alcoholics at the bar at 6am on here. normal people stop in for drink to try it out only to realize that these people drunks at 6 am only remind you of what not to become!! so you leave and vow not to come back. later losers
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  5. MY trades, profit or loss, are ALWAYS my fault!


    Yes, overnight completely missed the point. However, so did you. Percentage merely illustrates that nothing has changed. But regardless of how many tics or points, focusing on the money, one loses ability to monitor (and capture) the movement that is being offered... instead of bias to exit, or bias to hold, when the balance/sentiment changes on whatever scale or timing the trader uses, so to should the trader. A fraction of 1%, 1%, 2% or whatever... continuation, change, or sideline is all there is!
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    I truthfully can tell you that I didn't catch on to that.
    Who is being a dhick now.
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    Think in terms of return, not a $ number. Use a market index as a yardstick to measure your performance. Don't forget the value of your labor and time. If you can consistently outperform the market by 2 folds in ten years, then you are considered one of the few true elite traders. I am not there yet, but with 4 years of the triple-digit return to boast, I may have a shot. I can say this with confidence because I blew up my account once and survived...
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