Is there anyone at Xiamen, Fujian?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by George858, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. Is there anyone at Xiamen, Fujian? maybe go out to meet each other is the best
    healthy method for us who are often working late into the night.
  2. Syzlex


    Hey George,

    Not in Xiamen but in Guangdong
  3. bob2007


    Are you guys locals?
  4. 329200


    Was in Guangdong before. Which broker do you guys use? Thinkorswim is extremely slow when used from China.
  5. Syzlex


    IB is really good, I set server location to HK.

    Think or swim loads up slow but once connected (5-7 mins) the data comes in alright..

    Sometimes I connect to a VPN but I use WeBull since their data comes in flawlessly in real time. Though still prefer ToS charts. I usually have both open for reference.
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  6. ironchef


    Xiamen, Fujian China?

  7. 329200


    Are foreigners still allowed to enter china? I thought they closed it off. Has it been safe there?
  8. schizo


    Man, you're too gullible. It's not like you must give the exact location when you sign up. :rolleyes:
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  9. I am in Shanghai, maybe we can group up in wechat.
  10. ironchef


    What is the point of giving a misleading location or gender, other than to deceive?

    And what is the purpose the ulterior motive?
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