Is there any way to short the Romney Campaign?

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  1. I think it's gonna be Obama by a landslide.
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    This is exactly the type of post I'd expect a noob to write. lulz.

    -find oil options
    -write covered call at $5 for sep 2012
    -give me a pm just before you write it

    this is the perfect trade -I'm doing it right now too
  4. Romney is doomed....He just conceded the economic argument :confused:

    Now it's a "choice" election :confused:
  5. Even noobs can make dumbass calls and still be right on the money ;)
  6. Please aware me why this would be a trade for an Obama landslide win? Thanks
  7. Yep,

    Americans love unemployment over 8%, gas over $4/gallon, presidents bowing to Arab leaders, billions in taxpayer money just being given to OVomit buddies at Soil-Indra, Biden giving contracts to businesses tied to his son, a president who automatically accuses a white police office of doing wrong without knowing the facts, a president who has sharpened his golf game 100+ times at taxpayer expense, a first lady who preaches to the people to eat healthy or else and then we see OVomit eating some stuff she wants banned, forcing people to buy health insurance - oh, did I mention - there is no guarantee it will do you any good, a tax cheat and terrorist as the treasury secretary, a guy who promised to have ObamaCare discussions openly televised and then in reality shut out the public from input 100%, ...I could go on for 100+ pages of B.S. Obama has done.

    There has never been a worse president for blacks, women, hispanics, other minorities, etc. He has waged on war of WWII proportions on women, on blacks, and quite frankly on America. There has never been a better president for criminals, cheats, wall street villans, tax cheats, terrorists to this country, John Murtha types who hate our troops and accuse them of murder, etc, etc.
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