Is there any value in these message boards from a trader's perspective?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by retaildaytrader, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. I've rolled around to different blogs and message boards. I do get some helpful tips and tricks from each one. Not an education, but just a few tricks on strategy and maybe a tip.

    However, 90% of the time I receive nothing from any of these message boards. I have found that the people who lurk on message boards usually:

    1) Do not trade. If they did trade, then how do they have the time to spend it here on the board.

    2) Are overly emotional and dont appear to have the traits of someone who does trade. I lose and win money all the time, but its just another day for me. I dont know how all these emotional zealots can survive trading from day to going back to #1, I dont think these highly emotional people trade. They would not have the stability to go through say a 10k loss or a 10k win.

    3) Attention getters/trolls. People who wine and cry out for attention and these message boards are filled with people wanting to respond.

    All of the subscription sites are filled with the same canned garbage that can be found most anywhere.

    So I've concluded that these boards are a waste of time, useless and will hurt or destroy your profits. Reading good books, talking with other traders in real life side by side and searching through chart after chart seems to work well for me.

    I dont know at what point the internet became useless, but its apparently just that right now at this stage in the game.
  2. Saheem


    I never meet another trader in real life. Internet a good place to talk shop and shoot a shit, otherwise its only left to talking to old gray hair people who buy and rot their mutual funds and who don’t get the market at all. Who says it’s the internets job to teach you or give education? Nobody want to say anything good anyway or they get called a snake oil guy, it like people don’t believe its possible to make any money, anybody who says they make money is looked at like they lie and spit snake oil, so why these complaining people trade anyway if they think its impossible? If you want to talk real trade send me private message, open forum is only for idiots to do interruption.
  3. Alexis


    without message boards, most of us wouldn't even be aware of the possibility of short term trading...
  4. aradiel


    The thing with trading message boards is the same thing as the internet as a whole. When the world wide web arrivied, it shifted the information paradigm from "how to get it " to "how to filter it".
  5. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Very well put. There are alot of gems buried in the archives of ET, however, like successful trading, you have to sift through the noise in order to find treasure. They both require work and dedication.
  6. Its amazing how someone so new to ET can have such a depth of cynicism.

    I predict you won't be around in 2 years time - like most who utter such fake profundity you will fail as a trader.

    Whether or not you post or sup at the bulletin boards. Feel free to pm me in October 2011 and tell me I was wrong.
  7. These boards aren't completely without value. The OP was able to post a bunch of useless garbage. And I was able to post a worthless response. :p
    Nothing usefull !

    just to kill time, and the Trolls are the worst
    but for them that have time to kill it can be better than
    looking at porn 24-7
  9. I was here before you. if this board continues current path, you wont be here in 1011 either. no one will
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    Just ask about who is worth reading and read those "names" that showed up on the replies the most.

    Without that basic filter it's not worth the time aside from entertainment value.
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