Is there any software which is better than Tradingblox

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  1. ehsmama


    I use tradingblox..I use it for testing and signal generation for intraday..
    The question I have is
    Is there any software which tests over a portfolio which has as many features as tradinblox? I hope I can find one and purchase it
    Because the problem with using Tradingblox intraday is --
    1. Data files must be in Txt form ( cannot use Metastock format )
    2. Portfolio level ranking can only be done through custom code for intraday data( which becomes quite involved )
  2. Take a look at Seer ( It is a combination of autotrader and backtesting platform.
  3. 2rosy


    R has packages that do this. its free.

  4. ehsmama


    Thank you guys - looks promising..
    Seertrading combines R
  5. bluelou

    bluelou looks interesting. Is anyone here using it with R?
  6. Murray Ruggiero

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    Take a look at TradersStudio

    look at the tutorial and overview parts of the web site.

    We also started a blog recently , It examples some features of TradersStudio.

    There are also review about TradersStudio on this site. They are about the previous version but still apply. TradersStudio is much less expensive and has more flexibility than TradingBlox. I will find the old links and post them in this thread.
  7. Haven't used the R funcionality, but I like it a lot. It uses perl as the main language and is pretty fast and well-designed. Main downside is the lack of prebuilt stuff so you will have to code most of what you want from scratch.
  8. bluelou


    Aside from the event handlers I don't want any pre-built stuff so that's okay with me. But, I also have no intention of doing much with anyone's proprietary scripting language either. Hence, my interest in the R component.

    What do you like about seertrading compared to other platforms? What other platforms have you worked with before?
  9. @bluelou,

    it's been about 3 years since i looked at comparisons of backtesting software. at that time i looked at tradingblox (too expensive for what it was), Traders Studio, amibroker, tradestation and seer. I chose seer at the time, before it had an R interface, because i know perl and seerscript is perl-based. I liked its event-driven design, its ability to handle portfolio level analysis (multiple positions in multiple instruments) and its speed. It has since added autotrading ( i don't autotrade) and the R interface.

    Nothing against the other software tools, but i was quickly comfortable with seer and i tend not to switch once i've found something i like: I've also been using ensign for the last 11 years and still like it.

    Give it a try - $50/month, cancel anytime. Jeremy is very helpful and responds quickly to queries.
  10. bluelou


    Thx for the helpful comments. I'm not familar w/Ensign. Why are you using Seer AND Ensign and not just Seer?

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