Is there any manipulation in creating the "final print"?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Option Trader, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. The broker says its a "pair off between house to clear there end of day positions".

    How is it so with computers that such a thing is not reflected at the time of the trade? Who makes the rules for such a thing? Also, once you know how it works (ie how to get on to the "final print") is it not possible to manipulate the stock price for the close?
  2. settlements (for futures at least) aren't the final print but an average of the last few trades- not positive but i think it is like final 30 seconds. as far as "is it manipulated" if you don't think it is please pull your head out of the sand.
  3. I should clarify that I am referring to stock trading.

    Is there anyone other than market makers that are empowered to do this?

    Is there any agency that gives a hoot about these things?