Is there any interest in a platform to auto trade FOREX

Discussion in 'Forex' started by forex5x, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. forex5x


    I have been requested to find the interest in a mix between AmiBroker and the MetaTrader interface.
    In the end one would develop the system in AmiBroker and the live Forex data will come from MetaTrader and then it would be able to place trades, stops, limits, check account size etc.
    This would take care of the poor backtesting found in MT3 and MT4.
    One could do a full circle of data in and the system that is coded in AmiBroker would digest the data stream and set the trades according to the Formula (AmiBroker equivalent of a Expert).
    For this to be developed would require some show of interest.
    The cost of AmiBroker I believe is $229 and is comparable to some of the other mainstream charting packages.
    AmiBroker is written by a programmer who is responsive to his clients.
    So, the window of opportunity is open a crack but I need to show there is a customer base to motivate Tomasz to offer this with his program.
    Please post your input as soon as possible...and may the pips be with you.