Is there any independent candidate who appeals to both left and right?

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    Well Zzz, you are going to spit out your morning coffee here, but the guy you are describing is a man from Texas that ran in 2000 named George W Bush. I'm not saying the candidate he became, but the candidate he ran as. Go back and read his speeches in 1999 and 2000. You described him to the T. This is the problem we have. Every man runs on being the normal every day guy who finally at long last will tell everyone the truth and sacrifice his future political career to save the day. Do I need to remind you what happened the following eight years?
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  2. Bush was never, ever his own man. If you believe otherwise, you aren't thinking straight.

    He was not a self made man, he was in bed with big oil, he was religious and not spiritual. He was a clown, a cheerleader. He was not honest or direct with his background, he hid information on his business deals, school records, he avoided Vietnam, his daddy got him into a privileged school, etc.

    He was part of the GOP machine.

    I am talking about someone who has no allegiance to party, person, allegiance to anyone but the American people, a true patriot.

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    Well good luck. In the meantime, throw your support behind Daffy Duck. I'll stay in the real world.

    Bush did run as a populist despite his families background. When he ran he hardly ever mentioned religion, big oil. He tried to pass himself off as a good ole boy. The pickup truck, the dog, the small town man. Of course he wasn't these things. But that's the point. Every candidate knows what sells and how to close the sale.

    Trust me, you'll see Donald Trump with a hunting rifle soon enough ala John Kerry. Maybe Huntsman will start driving a pick up truck. Romney will start wearing a baseball cap.

    Zzz, the guy you describe does not want to run for President. The Presidency attracts ego maniacs like Obama for a reason.
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  4. Good independent populist candidate that people on both sides could get behind?.....

    Think John Huntsman Junior

    He's a conservative sometimes. He's a liberal sometimes. He's a Mormon sometimes. Dropped out of high school to play in a rock band. Later resumed studies and graduated from U of Penn.

    -Generally fiscally conservative.
    -Supported gay unions in the ultra right wing state of Utah.
    -Economic development was top priority as governor
    -Energy independence was the other high priority

    Was a successful republican governor. Served as Ambassador to China for Obama. Has a family fortune large enough to finance his entire campaign without special interest funding.
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    I know Huntsman's resume pretty well and I went on the record a few months ago on here saying he was the dark horse candidate. He is not a charismatic speaker. That is a liability. Can he win a debate? I'm not sure. Being a Mormon billionaire is not going to win any easy votes either. He's polling in the low single digits now which might actually be good. The media is not attacking him since they are not taking him seriously yet.
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  6. There are different types of libertarians. Mohandas Ghandi would be classed as a libertarian for example.

    Neo-Cons in Libertarian drag is what you have been exposed to, and for obvious reasons, I oppose that world view.
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    Tsing Tao


    as someone who lives in Baltimore, please tell me that was a fucking joke.
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    Huh? How do you know what I have been exposed to? Dude, I was supporting Ron Paul before you registered on this site. Probably the only guy on the right or left who is NOT a neo-con. Jesus man.

    I'll ask again, why do you think you are a libertarian?
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  9. +1

    Who, in their right mind would want a job like the presidency. First, it is probably a pay cut for the people u describe. Secondly, it greatly curtails individual liberty before, during and after the job.

    Nope. The presidency is strictly for people who have not thought it through.

    BTW, Obama is no more or no less and egomaniac than Reagan was, just to remain "fair and balanced":)
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  10. Not likely Mav, I was here before you. I was here during the golden age of ET. And u do seem pretty balanced, but there is an infestation in the Libertarian Party. The dems and the GOP has largely driven them out.

    Ron Paul has some flaws that will prevent him from ever being President. He needs to shake Stormfront and the CCC to begin with.

    Libertarians are easy to spot, as are imposters. Socially liberal, fiscally conservative is what a libertarian is. It is not that hard. Anything else is not a libertarian. Small government, but not so small as to be unable to "secure the blessing of liberty", as all men are created equal.

    Simple really.
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