Is there any independent candidate who appeals to both left and right?

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  1. I think the time is ripe for an independent populist candidate who is neither far left, nor far right...but American through and through. Someone who cares about all Americans, rich and poor. Someone who wants to take back America not for special interests, but for the common man.

    Someone who is not sponsored by any particular faction.

    Someone who is a genuine patriot.

    Someone who would rise above the current partisan nonsense, and get down to the reality of our problems, willing to tell Americans they are to blame, and that Americans will only get the leadership they deserve, when they start acting to put America first.

    Someone who both the extreme left and extreme right are afraid of. Someone who is secure in themselves, who doesn't need the limelight or power, but someone who deeply cares about America and is willing to sacrifice out of a sense of patriotism and public duty.
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    Barrack Obama!!!! Oh sorry. I got confused listening to Obama's 2008 campaign speeches. :(
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    Well they all are kind of old now, but everyone that fought in the "BIG" one.

    I once sat down at a coffee counter at Bob Evans and chatted with a vet, he was a tail gunner from B 17 Bombers over Germany. His words basically were............We then had a country to defend, it is a crying shame what has happened to that country. Would i do it today? Hell NO!!
  4. Yes, I think there is allot of potential.

    I am amazed more people have not come forward since NAFTA + the financial bubbles started destroying american industry and American jobs.

    I think domestic industry, small and medium businesses, and the blue collar/middle class in the private sector could all get behind the right populist candidate.

    The other side would likely be federal government employees and the financial sector, which of course are both very powerful interest groups.

    I will dig up Perot's platform. If i remember correctly (i was too young at the time to fully follow the issues) He appealed to both the right and the left.
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    Even if there was, the elite wouldn't let him/her run. The system is set up against such a candidate. In Germany, the Green party just in a few years went from a brand new party to a member of the parliament, part of the system. Can you imagine that happening here???

    Maybe one day even Maverick will understand that there isn't much of a difference between the 2 eventual candidates. Except the Healthcare thingy, Obama did everything what a Rep president would have done... Nevertheless they bitch about him...
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    Unless the guilotines have come out there is no good reason for the one-percenters to get on board with such a candidate. To be fair, I can imagine that the parasites at the other end of the income distribution would similarly have nothing to gain.
  7. I believe a strong populist candidate, who doesn't need the elite, could split the party and have a shot.

    Yes, the elite would fight it, but a strong populist who is centrist, practical, who is a true patriot could use that to their advantage.

    The time is ripe for a populist over partisan politics candidate.

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    And your choice would be? if you are not going to mention any names then this is all a hypothetical exercise in futility.
  9. I have described my choice.

    Do you agree or disagree with my choice?

    Possibly Bloomberg, but he doesn't have the right everyman image.

    I would look to a former soldier, self made man, who couldn't be bought.

    Someone like IKE.

    Damn shame Colin Powell soiled himself so badly by drenching himself in the slime that was Bush/Cheney.

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    LOL. Yes, Zzz, you have described Superman. Perfect. What does he go by in the real world? Does he have a name? Sure, I'm all for Superman. Of course if Batman were to get in the mix then, well, then I'm on the fence again. Such tough choices.
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