Is there any former Navillus Securities or Orion Financial traders out there.

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    For months now I have been using the RTN trading software, and it has improved rate of successfully trades dramatically. The software is unique in that it is a decision support software that will enhance a traders trading strategy and technique. The software measures what the market participants are doing, call it Sentiment. This gives the trader an advantage of a few seconds, that help with entry and exits and reversal points.

    You got to see it! Any of you traders probable know who I am and you know I was working for years with there beta versions. Well the results are it works and it is better than I could have imagined years ago.

    Download their Demo version. Here is the link

    Here is what makes their Comany Market Guidance System unique:
    *There is no capital cost for the software[b/]
    *You pay for it on a trade by trade basis
    *They have an incredible simulator that is just like trading live. It is real time and your trade is not filled unless you are entitled.
    * The simulator also has historic data so you can trade when the markets are closed
    *They have the "magus institute of trading" that is a continuing education for learning the software. The lessons get more and more advanced with how to maximize profits and cut losses.

    I am organizing a seminar for traders in the Philadelphia and Metropolitan area where the maestro of the software will teach me some of his techiques.[b/]

    Download the software and let me know if you are interested in attending the seminar.