Is there any automated placing order software which can send orders promptly with TS

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by robinxing, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. with TS 2000 and IB tws

    I have tried tradebullet

    unfortunately It took much time to send an order after TS2000 filled an order

    I do not know why It is really upsetting

    Does anyone using TS2000 and automated placing order software?

    plz give me some suggestion

    thank you
  2. switch to TS v8 - it does all that
  3. TS8 cost too much
  4. if you trade 10+ lots a month its free. Instant automation order execution & no farting around with external bits of software that can cock up stability.

    If you cant afford free, then should you really be trading?
  5. maybe I should try amibroker+IB controller
  6. how is it free after 10 lots? how does TS make their money? isn't IB the only ones collecting a commission or does TS add some on top of that?

    the platform fee is waived if you do 10+ RT's in a month on the futures, so you get the software platform for free.

    You still have to pay commissions to Tradestation for executions of course, as you would with any brokerage.
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    There has been a lot of discussion here about TradeStation. They have a decent platform. Very good for backtesting, and decent for execution.
    I have been using an automated system for some months now, and didn't have any major problems. You can either program your strategy and let TradeStaion place your order when triggered, or you can enter your order manually as OCO/OSO and be done with it.
    The platform fee is waived if you do at least 10 round turns futures, or 25,000 shares equites per month, which shouldn't be a problem for an avtive trader.
    Their commision is low, but not as low as IB for example.
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