is there another BIDU??

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  1. guys, where can I find info about potential hot IPOs like BIDU? I did not hear about BIDU until after it started trading. Where can I find out what is on the slate beforehand?


  2. yeah I didn't hear about BIDU until it was at 100 either
    anyhow there WILL be one or two other insane IPO's like that one, as everyone will be looking for the next BIDU
  3. Check out In Play on Yahoo finance for the IPOs of the day. There will be more hot IPOs to come but probably nothing as hot as BIDU. That stock wiped away 5 months of losses for me (at least on a gross basis) in the past two days.
  4. And it taught me how to trade...just sit on my ass and do nothing. Or if i do trade just take a bunch of small losses till shit starts going parabolic even if its only for 20 cents. I made good money in ELN today.
  5. If you didnt hear about Bidu until it opened, you have to stop playing first person shooters and watching porn, and devote some of that time to the market.
  6. Well. who taught you to trade for pennies before?

  7. lol
  8. I agree with triple7
  9. zdreg


    where then is the inspiration and perspiration ?:)
  10. Barron's or On-Line @ IPO Monitor

    Good Luck !!
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