Is there an 'ULTRA-SHORT Airlines' ETF???

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by spanish89, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Rex84



    you can get the same results by shorting the airline ETF FAA.
  2. Why do you need an ETF for 10-12 cheap stocks?
    Just trade 100 shares of them all at once!
  3. put and call options on the major airlines. :cool:

  4. If i did that id then have 12 different trades open at the same time though, with profit levels constantly fluctuating, and it would be very distracting for me.

    Since i hate holding even 1 trade in profit for too long,
    and so the thought of holding 12seperate 1s would tear my mind to shreads pyschologically. :p lol
  5. They trade similarly.. Just focus on UAUA and AMR..
  6. Real contributor to humanity, you are.

  7. Lol

    Money is money mate. :cool: :p