Is there an simple loadable debit card out there?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Daal, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Daal


    My bank charges exorbitant fees on their debit card so I'm trying to find one which can be loaded with wires or maybe egold. Anyone know?
  2. Why not just buy on a credit card and keep the float rather than giving it up?

    Also, what kind of fees are you talking about. Most banks offer debit cards for free.
  3. newtoet


    You must have a terrible bank. I would be hard pressed to find a bank that charges a fee for a debit card.

    I have to ask - who do you bank with?
  4. newtoet


    Maybe we are talking different things. To me, a debit card is issued by your bank to allow you access to YOUR funds in YOUR account. Reputable banks don't charge for this...
  5. Maybe he has the Mr. Market debit card. You know, the one with the words "For Your Finest Meats and Cheeses" on the top in silver lettering.
  6. newtoet


    I think it is the Tony Soprano debit card - you give him your money, he charges you a fee for the card, and he breaks your legs if you try and use it.

  7. Daal


    Its a bank based on cyprus. The fees for debit cards are so huge I'm not even going to post it. US banks wont take me as a client because they know I'm just a alien who worships allah. I would like suggestions
  8. Worship someone/something else.
  9. newtoet


    At least you have a sense of humor.


    I have no suggestions, as all I know are US banks. Sorry and good luck.
  10. MattF


    hahahahaha; go figure...

    Try these:

    Virtual Money (wire only)

    List Of E-Gold Loadable Cards (and some also by wire)
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