Is there an actively traded super liquid market

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  1. that I can trade between 11PM-5AM PST?
    The currencies seem to be the only game, but I was thinking that there would have to be some European equities or indicies that are running full force at these hours...

    Any help...??
  2. No I'm sorry, the world financial markets effectively close down outside of US business hours, and there are no liquid markets for you to trade.'ve been on this site over 2 years and ask a question like that? 5 minutes of research and you'll have an answer.
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  4. Hey Schmuckhead,
    In 5 seconds you could say "eurex" or whatever the answer is...

    What market and what exchange?

    Thanks in advance, schmuckhead...
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  6. nikkei in its variants, taiwan, kospi, estx50, gbl
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