Is there an 800# to call to get the current price of the Dow (or S&P or Nasdaq)?

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone knows an 800# (or even a regular phone number) that I can call to get the current price of the Dow, or any major index (S&P, Nasdaq)?

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  2. symbol indu
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    hi ,my broker has an 800 number which i can get the real time quotes,,,,,
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    idiots, he wants to check prices on a location, without internet:

    ".... to send a text message to 4INFO (44636) with: Stock Ticker (Dell) or Fund trader (AGTHX)."

    I think this is 20 mins delayed quotes...


    " You may be aware that Google offers a free SMS service, which includes providing stock quote information. Simply text message the ticker symbol to GOOGL (46645), and you will receive the current, real-time quote in a return message."

  6. Is this a number I could use without any problems?

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  7. 1-800-555-8355 . Tell me service. Do it
  8. Take advantage of the services offered by TD Ameritrade. This service used to be for Ameritrade account holders only but they have removed the account/password check.

    888-871-9007 (toll-free)

    press "1" for quote, and "4" for market information

    It will speak the quotes for Dow, Nasdaq and S&P. I think it is real-time but not sure. Just test it.

    Also, you can press "1" instead of "4" to get a real-time quote on stock prices. (e.g. SPY, DIA, QQQQ, IBM, MSFT, etc.)
  9. do you have a cell phone with data service?
  10. Thanks for the two phone numbers. I'll try them Monday.

    Robbie, I have pay-per-use text messaging, but don't want to pay every time for this.

    Thanks again guys,
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