Is there a web site shows the S&P Future at 9:29 am each day?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Happy Hopping, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. I need the S&P Future 1 min. prior to market open each day, is there any web site that shows that?
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    Nope, not in real time.
  3. I don't need realtime,but I need the no. I need the exact no. not the chart to see the openings of certain stocks compares to the S&P Future
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    The Finviz link posted above seems to be real time or as close as it gets, so just use that number....
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  8. w/ all these places, you have to copy down the no. at the 9:29 am moment, or else, you'll miss it.

    I actually have wrote down the no. since Feb. of this year, sometimes close to 9:29, some other time not so close, but I split it in my daily files, now I need it open all of those files, 1 at a time to enter them in a spreadsheet. I'm hoping for better access of the data.

    Thanks every1
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