Is there a way to keep track of IMF selling gold, etc?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by mizhael, Jun 19, 2011.

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    You know what I don't like about you

    You believe authority

    If IMF says so and so gold is in or out etc

    You believe it

    If Fed says inflation is under control, I guess you believe it.

    You are basically one of those modern day kids who grew up studying accounting or sciences.

    Years of looking at neat spreadsheets and reports has you convinced that if they are neat enough, they must be true.

    The fact is you don't know fuck all about IMF gold, how much they have, how much they sold, to whom, etc

    Where you there

    did you count it

    did you transport it

    Stop sniffing excel sheets kido, Bilderberg Group doesn't leave paper trail for your little behind to approve of
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    What's with personal attacks? Did I touch your sensitive areas in another thread?

    You don't know me... and why do you think I care what you think?

    At least I took time to educate myslef so that I don't have to blindly rely on opinions of others.

    I am familiar with this philosophy. You doubt anything that you didn't personally experience. Note in this case you can't have opinion regarding anything related to economics, politics, or conspiracy theories.

    You are talking of Bilderberg Group. Did you actually see them meet? Did you actually see who comes there? Did you see what they do behind closed doors? If, for example, I claim it's a bunch of rich people who meet to have a few shots of whiskey and have a wild orgy, can you prove me wrong based on the evidence you personally collected?

    Similarly, how can you judge what inflation is? If you tried to maintain an inflation index yourself you would not have time to attack posters on Web forums. Even if you wanted to go with a simple approach and base inflation on a price of Big Mac, did you actually buy a Big Mac every year since 1960. Assuming you did, did you actually keep receipt from every year, or at least make a record of the date and price, to make sure your inflation guesstimate is not purely based on your blurred memory?

    The O.P. asked for some data. I am trying to help him and have provided some data. If he was looking for alternative data, it's up to the O.P. to state that.

    If you want to say tha data is wrong, provide alternative data and ideally try to explain why there is difference. If you don't have "correct" data but you think availabel data is wrong, at least try to build an argument beyond "I don't like this poster".
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    You are so full of shit, not worth my time debating.

    You are a know it all that knows Nothing of how the real world works.

    Good luck when the time comes for you to stand in the kitchen line when dollar collapses, I sure hope you will have conversation company to explain how you knew this would happen and how regular people are at fault for borrowing too much on visa LOL

    You are a joke, if you were on my research team, I would recognize you for what you are and politely ask you to pack your shit :cool:

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    Texas, ban yourself.
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    ok what do I click on :D

    I understand your reaction, but I don't care for half wits quoting IMF pages to calculate gold

    key word is

  9. bring your insight,or step in a fire
  10. [partial gold QUOTE]Quote from LeeD:
    LeeT. Looks like they are doing a Texas spread with silver & gold;
    long everything silver & gold /lots of size:D

    Even if silver is in a short term downtrend[it is] & my funadmental analysis is not correct, on the IMF, TX spread. Gold is fact a medium & long term uptrend,silver is in a short tern bear/downtrend. So my fundamental analyis can be just as fun more p[rofitable for you, than as the IMF fundamental /fun comments:cool:

    Tex may have not used the exact words one may have preferred;
    but DOW theory says no man,
    no Fed , no bank....
    is bigger than the market.Dow theory is more than a theory, nor is it limited to the DOWDIA.Hope this helps:cool:
    #10     Jun 20, 2011