is there a way to get more timely frequent update of short interest

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  1. As you can imagine, I am interested (and lot of other folks too, likely) in the daily or even more fluid update of shortage interest percentage figure on TSLA.
    On etrade my trading platform, it is showing 17+% however once I contacted with the reps from etrade, they mentioned they do update twice a month only.

    There are some news coming out short squeeze finished running so I am wondering if there is a way to get accurate and timely update of short interest percentage instead of NEWs outlet???
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    No, there isn't.
    Short positions are reported twice a month by the firms.
    Meaning that the numbers are updated only twice per month.
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    And BTW, Google is way more efficient that ET for those types of questions....
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  4. That is what they told me, vendors give them that info. I guess it is hard to get timely updates. I am guessing when the short squeeze has run out, and not much short interest left on TSLA, where they getting that information from? They are blowing smoke???
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    There is a way to estimate the short interest by the implied borrow rate in options. Stocks can be hard-to-borrow and instead of receiving interest for being short shares, interest is paid for the privilege of shorting these stocks.
    In ORATS you will see a positive 'residual yield' for a hard to borrow stock. Residual yields can run as high as 40%, meaning the options market is implying that borrowers of stock have to pay 40% per year to borrow the stock.
    TSLA typically was at 1-3%, somewhat hard to borrow for a long time until the last few days. Currently, the options market shows TSLA as easy to borrow.

    Back in October it had about a 1.3% borrow implied.
  6. This is way over my head, thx it will take some time for me to digest it.