Is there a way to automate Bloomberg?

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  1. Is there a way to automate Bloomberg?
    Typing all those same buttons daily is really boring.
    Anybody know if I could automate BB?
    For example:
    Currently I do the following manually:
    I use Matlab to generate some of my own price data (write into an Excel sheet),
    and then I use BB's Customized Index Uploader to upload my own price Excel sheet into BB,
    And need to fill a few blanks, click a few buttons, assign a new name, etc.
    so I could plot it with other data.
    What's the best way to automate the above process?
    I don't think BB's own macro can handle these things, am I right?
  2. Blooomberg has an amazing tech support. Just contact them.
    I dont even bother reading wahat you wrote :)
  3. These guys were a bit slow and kind of limited in what they can do beyond the BB macro stuff...
  4. sjfan


    There's a huge set of APIs for both DDE (with Excel) and .Net; Are you not able to do anything with those?
  5. Just want to find the easiest route:

    I am probably asking for what's the best way to automate the whole process, including BB+Matlab generating Excel sheet, (can also be R), etc. on a Windows environment?
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    There are many programs that let you create various macro-script for Windows, and build logic in them. Google in that direction might be helpful for you.
  7. Any recommendations about particularly good ones?

    If I google and try randomly, probably my computer will get virus and die after a few trials... (based on my lots of bitter experiences...)
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    Without vouching for the lack of trojans or viruses, I have used AutoHotKey myself for some automation. I love automating, but I don't have a use for it in my trading.

    But, when you want to click here and there, switch between programs and save and load etc - this is all stuff that can easily be done. Check it out.
  9. wrote a long reply and I erased it by accident.

    Are you using CIX or CIXB? Are you using Tradebook? You can save a custom index (CIX <GO>) to your launchpad by typing BLP <GO> once your custom index is complete.

    Need more info on the task you are trying to automate... are you uploading a new set of stocks every day based on the MatLab predictions or does the list stay the same? Are you entering orders via Tradebook or just trying to automate the download/upload process?

    HELP HELP <GO> is your friend.

    I'm T.WINSTON if you want to send me an IB I can walk you through CIX/CIXB if you want - but helpdesk can probably do the same
  10. Hi WinstonTJ,

    Thanks for your help. The grand goal is to make strategy development easier and build a process for strategy exploration...

    I use Matlab to backtest strategies but I don't have a good way to visualize signals. Matlab is poor at charting.

    I have Bloomberg. So how shall I utilize BB+Matlab to better build my strategy exploration platform?

    So I am thinking of importing the buy/sell signals and any other wierd curves generated by Matlab into BB and then use the BB's charting functionalities.

    So the question is how to automate this whole process?

    BB help desk is too slow to communicate with...
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