Is there a trading strategy for dummies?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by greeen, Jun 15, 2006.

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    Dear Forum,

    I am an infant in this arena so I humbly ask you erudite professionals how I can so called-trade the Dow higher or lower contracts on tradesports with a few simple tools or strategies.

    Are there any correlations between the overnight euro markets and their close to cloze numbers and say the S&P's ultimate end in our markets - see were I am going trying to keep it simple.

  2. and I've been trading half my life and sometimes I feel like I want a trading strategy for dummies.
  3. What do you mean? 99% are trading strategies for dummies. You'd have to be a dummy to trade them. Of course you probs have to be a dummy to trade, which is why I do it. :D
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    Better luck finding the fountain of youth? - hope not!!

    Thanks for sponsoring my first post.
  5. I know some hedge funds using the 20 minute macd together with some other indicators, including cash markets. This would help staying with the short term trend.
  6. Here is my "trading for dummies" and its worked for a few years now.

    Enter discretionary...patterns, indicator, elliot wave, astrology, CNBC..whatever.

    Set stop level and position size accordingly based on a fixed % of account size ..the same each and every trade. The key is keeping risk constant.

    Set target at 3X initial est risk.

    Set it and forget it.

    Some will poo poo this method saying it needs to be more complex. But i`m being very honest here with you. Its the only way I can make money. But thats me...

    Good luck
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    ====Is there a trading strategy for dummies?====

  8. Most trading strategies are for dummies the good ones are kept for themselves and the bad ones are given to the dummies so they can lose money to the smart ones.
  9. Buy shit when its really cheap, sell when it's expesive. Dont use technicals.